Fascinating art in the tent

Yesterday I was at the tent in Göbrichen with my camera, because I had the information that there would be a really extraordinary piece of art.


The security man has already been informed that I would show up and escorted me to a container, in which this art piece is been stored recently.

What I saw then nearly took my breath away. One of the Iranian refugees carved the coat of arms of Baden-Württemberg out of a piece of foam from a 90×80 cm mattress.





I had the opportunity to talk to the artist quickly: The production of this art work took three days. In this time, the artist ripped out little pieces of foam only with his bare hands, until the national coat of arms of Baden-Württemberg appeared in a three-dimensional form. For the following coloration and shading he used permanent markers and partly self-mixed colours.

This piece of art is plain and simply brilliant and we are excited about further projects…

There is also a photo gallery to this article.


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