First creativ – cafe – a big success

Last Thursday December 3rd 2015 the first organised creativ-cafe took place in the room under Büchighalle Göbrichen.

Families of refugees and families from Neulingen came to meet each other. There was coffee, tea and a lot of cakes, muffins and biscuits donated by volunteers.

2015_12_03_Begegnungscafe_02_350x262pxWhile the adults enjoyed the cakes the children were interested in one thing only: get an apron and sit on the table which was covered with transparency and paper plates full of different colours.

That afternoon an activity center was established. Children got colours, brushes and paper and off they went.

Even some parents tried to do some paintings. In the course of this afternoon the walls were covered with paintings of different stories: a dove of peace, houses next to rivers and abstract paintings of the very little ones mixed with names, figures, hearts and flags. A girl drew a heart and wrote „I like being with you“ in arabic letters.

2015_12_03_Begegnungscafe_03_350x262pxOn a meeting of the volunteers on Monday December 8th it was decided that the cafe will open every Thursday between 3.30 pm to 6 pm. There will also be creative actions of different topics and different materials.

We thank all who helped and/or donated cakes.

In the following meetings (10.12.2015; 17.12.2015; 24.12.2015) we like to welcome more children and parents from Neulingen who are also invited to take part of the creative actions.

We also will be pleased and thankful to get offerings of cakes and goodies.2015_12_03_Begegnungscafe_04_350x262px

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