German lessons for refugees in Bauschlott

At the beginning of the year 2015 just after the arrival of the refugees the german lessons started. Two volunteers came to an agreement with Mrs. Wolf, headmaster of Friedrich Weinbrenner Schule, and helped the children who wanted to be integrated in that school. Two more volunteers offered German lessons in the recreation room next to Dreschhalle. Because so many people were interested to join the classes and two more teachers started teaching. The classes took place four times a week for two hours.

2016_02_24_Unterricht_Bauschlott_02_350x238pxBecause a lot of the first refugees came from the West Balkan States the teachers could hear different languages around them. But gestures, pictures some English words and a lot of laughing made the lessons lively and everybody had fun.



After some weeks the recreation room was transformed to be bedrooms for more refugees. You could see sad faces when the classes could not take place anymore. But luckily the sun was shining and in a short time there was a „classroom“ outside.



After that it was not so easy to find a suitable room. Vicar Walter was helpful and allowed us to use the room in the katholic parish rooms. In that quiet surrounding there are regular classes and everybody can concentrate in learning.


Ingeborg Hennig

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