Refugees in Göbrichen invited to have a barbecue

On the part of the refugees in the tent in Göbrichen there was an invitation on Easter Sunday March 27th 2016 to have a barbecue together.

Our dedicated employee of the security aupported the refugees day before with his incredibly talent to organise. He was very helpful so there were tables, benches, fire, wood and more things in time to start the barbecue.

2016_03_27_Grillen_mit_den_Fluechtlingen_02_400x300pxOn Easter Sunday many of the refugee women took place in some private kitchens of the volunteers in Neulingen also in the kitchen of the Unterhalle in Göbrichen and different dishes were cooked and fried.
Here we understood in a short time the teachers have to choose the topic “waste separation in Enzkreis” in one of the next lessons 🙂



In the meanwhile the assembling near the tent started. The tables and benches were brought covered with paper tableclothes grills and baskets with firewood were put up.



2016_03_27_Grillen_mit_den_Fluechtlingen_04_400x300pxAt 6 o`clock p.m. the party started. The refugees prepared a very varied and wide buffet. Next to it different meat and vegetables were on the grills.
There was Köfte, Biryani, salad made from egg plants, Taboule, filled vines, grilled chicken legs and sausages. Also different salads and arabic and turkish bread.






All dishes were prepared so nicely in all details and it was a pleasure for the eyes and palate.







When the dinner was finished dancing and celebrating started.
It was a rumor a popsong in arabic language was sung where the singer thanks the German volunteers for their help.
Because of language problems there is no proof to that 🙂



2016_03_27_Grillen_mit_den_Fluechtlingen_07_400x296pxWe were also lucky with the weather. In the morning it was raining but the rest of the day it has been cool but dry.

To say it in a short way: This has been a really fantastic evening with a lot of happy visitors. Well done!



There is also a photo gallery to this article.

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