One year of the asylum cafe „Meeting point“ in Bauschlott


In January 2015 a big majority of the district council of Neulingen decided to make the old „Dreschhalle“ available to asylum seekers.

In this meeting and also in a meeting in February on mayor`s Mr. Schmidt initiative at Gräfin Rhena Halle the public opinion for a human and active welcome has been very positive: A lot of groups and private persons listed their names.

Just after that between 80 to 90 refugees arrived in the hall and the containers next to it.

In a short time the protestant-methodist church with preacher Mathias Hetzner arranged a first meeting between refugees and volunteers in the rooms of the parish.

On March 3rd more than 60 people – women, men, children and adults walked to the church in a long march.

There a lot of volunteers gave them a warm welcome and drinking coffee, soft drinks and eating cakes made a nice atmosphere. Especially the children liked to eat the delicacies, were playing with the volunteers and drawing nice pictures.

For a short time the emergency accomodation was forgotten and everybody said good bye with lots of thanks.

More than one year the „Asylcafe“ is running regularly every Tuesday from 3 -5 pm with different people and different nations.

The „communication“ is always exciting – sometimes dictionaries can help, gestures and a friendly smile are always helping. Topics are every day life in the camp, appointments at doctors, driving to different places, second hand clothes and organozational things.

For the grown up refugees there are language courses twice a week.

But other support like repairing bikes is possible too.

The children and teens settled in kindergarden and school very well – two boys like to tell about their school more and more in German language.

2016_02_20_Meeting-Point_02_350x232pxThere is playing, talking, laughing and joking even if the future does not seem to be rosy. Since some time the volunteers from Göbrichen and Bauschlott started to coordinate in order to fulfil the coming demands…

The already tried and tested meeting point in the Friedenskirche will go on.


                    Dieter Bürkle

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