Sport afternoon in Göbrichen on Saturday, April, 23rd

On Saturday, April, 23rd 2016 another sport afternoon took place in the upper hall Göbrichen.

Once again different climbing frames and bouncing castles for the little ones were assembled.

Sportnachmittag_2016_04_23_Galerie_02_300x400pxThe trampoline where the children could do a somersault with or without help has been very popular.








Sportnachmittag_2016_04_23_Galerie_09_299x400pxAlso both stations with swinging rings were occupied all the time.









Sportnachmittag_2016_04_23_Galerie_12_400x297pxThe adults played volleyball together and there was action all over the gym all the time.






It seems that meanwhile the information about the sport afternoons have spread among the adult refugees too – we were happy to see that women and men from the refugees came to help and support us or simply participate in the sport activities.

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