Logo_HFFN_Final_182x150pxHello and good day,

this is the website of „Helferkreis für Flüchtlinge Neulingen“.

We are a group of private persons in the community of Neulingen / Enzkreis (Baden-Württemberg) who are committed to refugees in Neulingen.

With help of the local government of Neulingen we want to make the arrival and integration of the refugees easier, support you with the orientation in your new environs and just give you some joy in your daily life.

For this there are different offers to the refugees. Amongst other things there are:

  • fitting out yourself with a set of second hand clothes
  • a weekly coffee break (here everybody who is interested is invited and can come without any appointment)
  • rides to different places
  • language courses and help with the homework
  • actions like sport days and so on
  • help with official correspondence
  • help with accomodation after approval

This website is supposed to fulfil three main duties:

  1. work- and communication platform for thr volunteers
  2. presentation platform for those who are interested
  3. further help- and information platform for refugees

Some of the topics are translated in English. We do so to make the getting in easier to those refugees who know English and to increase the transparency of our work.

Become familiar with our website and contact us.