Leisure time/ games/cafe

In the team leisure time/games/cafe there are different offers for the refugees and citizens from Neulingen too.

  • 2016_02_20_Meeting-Point_02_350x232pxDue to the transfer of families from the module village to other locations the meeting cafe in Bauschlott is actually closed until further notice.

  • The meeting cafe in Göbrichen is actually closed until further notice.
    Begegnungscafe_10_Kinderschminken_04_350x262pxTo both meetings refugees with their children and interested citizens are warmly invited.
    Purpose is to meet in casual atmosphere, get to know each other, talk, laugh, play or paint together, simply forget the time. Different self made cakes, coffee and other drinks are served.



  • 2015_12_03_Begegnungscafe_03_350x262pxIn this time there is also care for the children of the refugees during their stay in Büchighalle Göbrichen.
    The children can do various things, draw, tinker or play.





  • At irregular intervalls sport days especially for children take place.
    They can use the different offers and have some fun in daily life.


  • Join children to regular sport offers.
    In these sport days the interests of the children were found out and a lot of children are now joining the regular sport offers of the clubs in Neulingen.