Rechner_100011000111_300x150pxThe team website is responsible for all relevant topics concerning this environment to the circle of volunteers. These are:

  • Conception
  • Contractual and judicial
  • Layout and programming
  • Administration, updates
  • Security
  • Backups
  • Email
  • Editorial office
  • Typing and publishing of content for those people from the circle of volunteers who don’t want to do it themselves

The website was established because the circle of volunteers was growing and the communication and giving information to each other became complicated.

Also it became necessary to inform the public about the work of the volunteers and to encourage new volunteers and refugees.

The website has to fulfil three mainduties:

  1. Working- and communication platform to the volunteers
  2. Presentation platform to the public when interested
  3. Further helping- and information platform to the refugees

Some of the topics are translated in English. It will be easier for those refugees who know English to get into the website and to make our work more transparent.

Technically the website is converted in a multi tenancy capability system (Content Management System). Thereby it is also possible to draw up contents for those volunteers who do not have a lot of knowledge in computing.

To provide for the use of mobile equipment the website is constructed in a so called „responsive Design“ – the display of the contents will be adopted to the different resolutions of the end device which is used.