The cafe still meets with approval

For the 10th time people from Neulingen, refugees children and adults met.

To play together, draw, do handicrafts, learn German or just to meet.

A lot of them know each other quite well by now. They hug each other to say hello, women give each other kisses and there is a lot of laughing.

2016_02_12_Begegnungscafe_02_262x350pxThe room downstairs under the gym of the Büchighalle in Göbrichen fills up every Thursday with cakes and biscuits given by ladies also tea and coffee. Sometimes somebody brings specialities. Rolled waffels were baked and somebody brought Falafel. Especially the refugee children were happy to eat that because sometimes they miss „their“ food.

In the creative corner the children and some adults can use their imagination. Sometimes there are special topics like christmas or carnival. Thursday before carnival children produced masks and got make up. Three ladies from Neulingen took colours and brushes and in a professional way they changed the faces of the children into lions, spiderman, fairies and more and made the children smile.

But more things are offered. Men from Neulingen bring their toolbox and some refugees start learning German. Another one browses in an atlas together with some syrian people and there are a lot of discussions by gestures also in English and German.

There you have to notice people learning German assiduously and the communication in German is working after such a short time. Especially the children don`t seem to have problems to learn a very different language like German.

All the volunteers in the cafe are pleased to see the approval is very good and they are looking forward to the cooming meetings which will take place every Thursday at 3.30 pm in the hall downstairs to Büchighalle.

We also loke to meet new people and wish that inhabitants of Neulingen, children and adults, will join us to make the daily life of refugees a bit more interesting.

Communication is an important part to get a succesful integration.

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